Winding Down? Knowing when you're taking on too much!

For the past 6 months, numerous family & friends have told me that they're worried that I'm taking on way too much! I went back to my full time job back in October 2018 after having my son in May 2017. When I first came back I was working over 40 hours a week (including self employed work for my husband!) as well as trying to juggle a business. 

Earlier on in 2019 I admitted defeat and reduced my hours at work, but still I knew that this wasn't enough. Baby Peanut has always been super busy since when I first started but it's reached a point where it's busier than ever and the help I get is minimal. 

Due to the fact that I'm going to be starting a new job soon which involves a lot more travelling, I have decided to slow Baby Peanut down a little and focus on my career and family for the time being.

I will still be active and selling ready to post items but have decided to keep myself not overly busy I'm only going to be offering slots as oppose to taking on lots of orders. Once all these slots are filled no more orders will be taken. All existing orders will be completed and sent out to you as soon as we can get them completed!

I want to thank each and every one of my customers and we hope to be back in the full swing of things in the foreseeable future! 

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